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About Me

Hi there! My name is Debora Kocak (I go by Deb). Thank you for clicking on my website and well done on making the first step to a more fluent you. 

I have over 6 years of private tutoring experience on the Gold Coast and abroad, and over 2 years of experience running English/French conversation classes at a University Level. I am a lawyer by trade, and have achieved degrees in business at a bachelor and masters level. 

I believe in empowering the students to find what works for them most, and I love being the person to guide them through that personal journey. I am a strong believer in the idea that people learn best when they are taught with the conviction that whatever they are learning will be useful in life. This is why my tutoring style is to be as efficient as possible, giving the students permission to make mistakes, and to quickly learn from them. 

My personal goal with tutoring students is to not only help them accomplish their own objectives, but also to empower them to achieve their best. I achieve this with a friendly communication style, relevant lesson plans, and by of course, having some fun (combining an element of humour and learning is what always gets students excited for the next session, enhancing the overall learning experience).

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Tutoring Services
learn english with deb

From my legal studies, I have developed a strong expertise in english writing, grammar, sentence structures, and more. I can assist with: Homework, Drama, Legal Studies, History, English, etc. at any level (From Kindergarten to University Level)


I am fluent in French as it is my native language. As a result, I am capable of tutoring French at any level (Listening, Writing, Speaking). I love running conversation classes, so reach out if you need a tutor to simply chat to to keep up your French proficiency.

learn turkish

I grew up learning Turkish as my father's side was Turkish, all from the city of Istanbul. If I needed to communicate with my extended family, I needed to know the language inside and out! I am available to teach Basic to Intermediate Turkish. 


I offer IELTS/TOEFL Training that will help you ace these tests with ease. See below for a screen capture of my latest score. Having done these tests several times for various reasons, I know exactly what you need to look out for, how to study for them, and how to best answer the questions. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 9.00.56 pm

As one of Deb’s clients for over a year now, I believe that her outstanding communication skills, kind hearted personality and evidential achievements really shine through, especially attempting to do English essays and assignments, Deb is someone who knows every trick in the book and will bounce off ideas with you to make your really difficult assignment you can’t even get a start on, something much more achievable. Deb’s adaptability to my personal busy schedule has been exceptional and I very much appreciate all she has done for with my now wider knowledge and skills, as well as improving my grades juristically.  

- Cameron Ferris - All Saints Anglican School - Grade 11/12 English & Drama

Deb, has taken my writing skills from okay to exceptional. When I started my MBA journey I hadn't written a formal paper in over 10 years. I felt very nervous in getting back into the swing of things. This led me to seek out additional help. Much like a PT helps out in the gym, I was looking for someone to help me get the distinction level in my academic writing. This led me to Deb! She has a relaxed, straightforward and sincere approach to her teaching. I will write up my papers then we will sit down and go through each paragraph line by line and have a discussion of what I was trying to say and if it was clear enough. This has helped me achieve my goal of a distinction in all of my subjects and I wouldn't have been able to achieve it without her help. If you are looking to go the next step in your writing I would say look no further. The grammar queen will guide you to it!

- Stephen Henderson - MBA Candidate - English Writing Tutoring at MBA Level

Deb was a knowledgeable, encouraging and motivated tutor of the BUFEC French conversation groups. She was an integral part of BUFEC’s executive team and always took great care and attention into teaching students with passion, care and dedication to each person’s respective level. She‘d be a great tutor to anyone wanting to learn French, regardless of previous ability.

- Robert Sheppard - Founder and Former President, Bond University French Enthusiasts Club (BUFEC)

Deb was a wonderful teacher. Turkish is a challenging language to learn but Deb went above and beyond to make sure I understood not only how things worked, but why they work that way. Additionally, cultural knowledge is fundamental to learning a language, and Deb's deep understanding of Turkish culture went a long way in paving the path to fluency and getting me through exams.

- Alex Purto - Intermediate Turkish Student.